• 7 1/2 foot square beach umbrellas

  • 7′ round beach umbrellas

  • We take the stress out of relaxation…

  • Convenient under-canopy stowage netting

  • Great for group outings at the beach

High quality without the high price.


Our super strong, super light-weight beach umbrellas and Shade Anchor beach umbrella anchor make your day at the beach all it can be.

Adjustable height beach umbrellas, in round and square styles, all have patent-pending built in under-canopy stowage netting to keep your electronics out of the sand, your clothes dry and your snacks away from the seagulls.

Our patented Shade Anchor Bag works with any beach umbrella, using the sand as ballast and securing your umbrella with straps above the ribs to prevent your umbrella from blowing away even on the windiest beach days.